(Formerly Millennium Design Group, Inc.)

Well designed GRAPHICS can make ALL the difference to

being seen, understood, and most importantly...


SOLD to your prospects!

We have consolidated and

expanded our business

into our newest, largest,

state-of-the-art studio:



in rural PA.

We still offer all of what you

see in this website.

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Do you wish you had more business? Do you wish you had more money? Wouldn't it be great if your business was generating all the profits you've ever dreamed of?

We've been doing great GRAPHICS for our clients for decades!

WE can be your Aladdin's Lamp for having your products or services clearly seen, understood, and remembered... and SOLD to your prospects!


You've arrived at the best site for your promotional graphic needs.

We maintain a lean group of talented and experienced professionals.

We pass on the savings to you with fair and honest cost savings.


We provide Madison Avenue level work without all the overhead and red tape. We are unique in what we offer and how we offer it. We work by the project or package deal, as needed... period. We will even help you to best determine what is best from what we offer—to promote your product or service.


We help your business to look good...

because looking good is good for business.


To start, CALL US at 347 610-2306

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We can discuss the necessary steps to meet your goal.

For over 25 years our design team has created ads, brochures,

web art and other graphic needs for both large and small companies,

(see apples and oranges reference below)

representing a very wide variety of products and services.

Our principal, Bob D'Amico, takes a hands on approach

as your direct contact, without multiple levels of people

to go through to get what you want.



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APPLES = Small, occasional work EXAMPLES SMALLER PROJECTS: one magazine ad one postcard for your client base one postcard for your prospects one cartoon for your website tabletop photography one caricature one superhero mascot one package designed one custom T-Shirt design ORANGES = Full Service Design Firm EXAMPLES LARGER PROJECTS: all ads for your next quarter caricatures of your top people a full line catalog or new packaging new brochures a series of postcards regular cartoons for your website your newsletter... print and web full set of holiday promotions explanatory infographics

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