Photography 'levels'

(Formerly Millennium Design Group, Inc.)

Showcase your products with professional photography by Millennium Design!


In this era of digital photography, you may want to shoot your own photos... that's always your option. Difference is, we've worked in professional photo studios for decades, and know quite a few tricks and methods* that can make all the difference.


We do excellent professional tabletop photography. Anything you can ship to us that will comfortably fit on a tabletop, we can professionally shoot for you. Package deal prices are available.

Here are just a few samples of things we've photographed.

Bob has been a pleasure to work with. He was clear about the approach he would take and consulted with me every step of the way, ensuring that I was happy with the direction he was taking. He is totally committed to customer satisfaction.


Linda Rich, NY


• Tricks (skills) include:

   Lighting techniques

   Exposure methods

   Professional setup

   Professional styling




   Professional proofing

   Photoshop expertise

   Professional retouching

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