(Formerly Millennium Design Group, Inc.)

'Crow's Nest'... Our art director's comfortable workroom.

See some of our collection of original comic strips, below



Many of our end product designs start with a good old fashioned rough 'doodle' using a pencil on paper. See our PROCESS for more info about HOW we work.

*The 'Crow's Nest'

*The 'Crow'

in the nest.


Below... Our 2 mascots... Sweet Pea and Tattoo

Our art director's comfortable former workroom in Brooklyn, NY.  Currently, our more active operation has moved to larger quarters.

We're NOT a huge Madison Avenue Corporation... although our end product is at their level. (photo left is only a sample of our retouching work.)

Our CEO spent much time in his early career working on Madison Avenue before starting Millennium Design.

We use the latest state-of-the-art software, the Adobe Creative Suite CC2014. We've used Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint, Word and more for decades. We actually used them ALL since they first became available in the late 1980's. Adobe InDesign was originally grandfathered in by Aldus Pagemaker, and Photoshop by a program called 'Digital Darkroom'. Through the years we've also used Quark, Ready-Set-Go, and countless other programs that we can't even remember now.

Below shows a portion of our collection of original comic strips... something you would've seen if you were visiting our former Brooklyn, NY studio. We now have a larger, even more efficient studio, and are decorating our walls. Feel free to ask for a closer look at any of these amazing originals.

Mickey Finn                                     Buzz Sawyer

L'il Abner                                     London Art                               Peanuts                                             Piper's Dreams

L'il Abner

Piper's Dreams

Our collection of original comic strips is now packed away, and will soon be put up in a bigger, brighter location at our newer, larger studio.

Bill Gallo                                  Dan Flagg

Joe Palooka

 Mickey Finn

Joe Palooka

 L'il Abner

Alley Oop

Major Hoople

We've lived and worked in our studios for decades.

This is our art director's son Nolan in 1988 in our Brooklyn Studio... these days Nolan is an excellent professional illustrator and tattoo artist, and member of our team.

Nolan Then

Nolan Now

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